This week sees the release of some new episodes in the infinite Trapped In The Closet musical/dramatic work (don’t make me call it a hip-hopera). Some would say that it’s by R. Kelly, but personally I think it’s all a big trick, steered by the Global Association of Satirists and Parodists (GASP).

TITC has, so far, given us an infamous South Park episode (which used the title as a link into some fun Tom Cruise bashing and managed to get a Scientology theme in there somehow; here’s a link to the R Kelly parody), an 11-minute Weird Al Yankovic song, now with a video (Trapped In The Drive-Thru), a fanatically detailed Sims recreation, not to mention a host of fun, amateur takes like Trapped in the sock drawer and an odd sketch involving Barbie, Batman and friends. A detailed (too detailed) Wiki entry contains information on some broadcast TV ‘tributes’ (such as Mad TV’s Trapped In The Cupboard, all about cereal and other important things).

All hail the interweb.