Is this thing on?

My stats show an interesting pattern – on the day I closed the shutters, I got more hits than ever before. This wasn’t due to a celebration of my absence, but a nice mention on the Berkman Buzz newsletter. I’ve also received some incoming traffic via Doc Searls and (weirdly) a comment to a Guardian blog piece on low-cost travel.

Anyway, if you’re here through any of the above, or came for the Summer Doctoral Programme traffic in general, you’re very welcome. I’m back in Dublin and will be here for what’s left of the wet summer, with a couple of occasional excursions for conferences etc.

Speaking of conferences…Ethan Zuckerman published a comprehensive post on live blogging on his blog last month, and highlighted a lot of good ideas about conference blogging. My efforts at the SDP (from the now-immortalised square metre (or meter), were somewhat more amateur, but very useful from my point of view, in terms of keeping focused, taking notes, sharing information and more . Indeed, I did test Ethan’s theory about the links between live blogging and baseball scorekeeping by giving the latter a shot at the weekend – I can see how the obsessive mind can be put to good use in both ‘arts’, and it’s a good comparison to make as in both cases, there is often an ‘official’ record, but there is still a difference between it and the self-blogged/self-scored version! (If you’ve never seen a scorecard, by the way, here’s an example (taken from the useful site)).

It will be a little quieter now, though, with a couple of posts a day. You can subscribe to the feed or if you want to avoid tangents (like this post), you can take a look at the cyberlaw-only feed.