Rachel Cobcroft shares Flickr wisdom

Cindy Shen, Rachel Cobcroft

Researcher, photographer and Creative Commoner Rachel Cobcroft spoke about her research this afternoon. Her presentation (enriched by a range of CC-licensed photographs) included general information on Flickr as well as a discussion of her own PhD. There are in fact over 42m images on Flickr that are licensed under some form of Creative Commons license (about 10% of the whole, but note that the ‘default’ is all rights reserved) – BY-NC-SA and BY-NC-ND accounting for over half of the 42m. While Rachel is doing some very interesting things on community, reasons for sharing (the focus of her research, and much of the talk), types of interaction, and so on, she is also well aware of the legal and policy issues surrounding licensing and online photo publication, and discussed Curry v Audax, the Betty Hinton case and the more recent brouhaha over Virgin’s use of Flickr CC images in Australia.

The SDP photo pool is here, by the way!


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