In other news, Harvard Square’s reputation for bookstores is well deserved. Today I bought:

  • Consumed – Benjamin Barber (“How markets corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole”)
  • The Cultural Life of Intellectual Properties- Coombe (ethnograpic approach to authorship and copyright – author Rosemary Coombe is at York University in Toronto)
  • The Success of Open Source – Weber (history/analysis of open source software)
  • The Anarchist in the Library – Sida Vaidhyanathan (a favourite of mine, so now I can stop borrowing it from the library)
  • Free Speech for Me, But Not for Thee – Nat Hentoff (classic Hentoff rant on free speech from an absolutist perspective)
  • Harvard Rules – Richard Bradley (account of Lawrence Summers’ tenure as head of Harvard, although written before his departure!)

All bar the last being thesis-related (some more so than others), and the whole bill being a little more than €20 (across two shops and one stall).