Dan Gilmour spoke this morning – fellow participant Aaron Veenstra calls him something of a citizen-journalism/net-media evangelist and preach-practicer. He was joined by Steve Schifferes (BBC, Reuters Fellow at OII), and David Ardia (director of the Citizen Media Law Project) chipped in from the floor. Much of what we talked about is very helpful to my own research interests – and the suggested readings gave me an excuse to re-read Cass Sunstein’s republic.com book (which has aged relatively well, although the ‘future’ he warned of hasn’t turned out exactly as suggested). Now, we’re listening to John Kelly, who is talking about political disourse in Usenet (here is the research, and the graphs here are amazing). As with the coverage of Sunshine Hillygus and Erica Johnson below, I’ll combine these two sessions into a single post a wee bit later on. (By the way, I don’t upload pictures until the evening, so they appear in posts at that stage, most of the time).

Headline to this post is a particularly memorable line from Dan’s talk.