Good morning, live from Boston. Despite a long journey and an unresolved luggage ‘issue’, I’m here for the next two weeks, attending a variety of discussions and what not on Internet law and Internet studies. Our hosts, the Berkman Center (not centre) have put us in a lovely, wired-up room in Austin Hall in Harvard Law School for this opening session. John Palfrey (last blogged about here at the OII’s filtering conference in Oxford) tell us that blogging is OK unless otherwise stated or requested – so I’ll try to write about the various discussions. However, I do tend to do a lot of notetaking in an ‘actual’ notebook (y’know, one with bits of paper; must make sure to back it up), so sometimes I’ll summarise after the fact. Do feel free to add comments, and indeed I will try to bring some of the issues you raise into the various discussions! We’ve been asked to tag posts with sdp2007, so I’ll link to what others are saying about the programme too.

Now, we’re going through introductions, and Dan Gilmour and Steve Schifferes, who are leading a session on “Old Media, New Media: Citizens, Journalism and the Net” on Wednesday, are saying a few words.

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