Personal, rambling post ahead. Don’t say you weren’t warned. (And the tile means – sort of – an eye on July).

A reader (you know who you are) points out off-blog that I have not posted in ten days. That is true, and a Bad Thing. It has been a busy but fun time, and I’ll try and throw up some of the interesting things I have been reading this month – later this evening, perhaps.

Here in Trinity College, the academic year formally ended today (12th July), so my research assistantship (on the Review of the College Statutes; sorry, non-Trinity readers, this is internal access only) has occupied quite some time (and a lot of goggleeyed computer time at that, meaning that even reading feeds – never mind writing – has stretched my patience at times). I have had the honour to be helping out with a forthcoming Canadian law book (will post about that in the future, not appropriate to do so now), although my (small) contribution is drawing towards a close. And of course, it’s just a few days to the start of the Summer Doctoral Programme that I’ll be attending … the reading list and schedule arrived this week, equal parts exciting and terrifying. I had been doing some work on the promised review of Charles Acland’s collection on residual media, but writing it up has been deferred until after Harvard. And tomorrow, I have my PhD transfer viva (not as scary as it sounds – it’s the formal move from M.Litt to PhD).

It has hardly stopped raining in Ireland this month (and yes, it is indeed July), although I did take a little bit of time to travel down the coast to Wexford by steam train (a rare trip, as you can imagine). Much of the route I know, it being the link between Dublin and my ‘home village’ in Wicklow, and the trip to the south-east still deserves its label of the most scenic railway journey in Ireland (despite the fact that about 3/4 of it is single-track, which means that it’s not the busiest line in the world by any means!). Other than that, it hasn’t really been ‘summer’ at all…