Súil ar Iúil

Personal, rambling post ahead. Don’t say you weren’t warned. (And the tile means – sort of – an eye on July).

A reader (you know who you are) points out off-blog that I have not posted in ten days. That is true, and a Bad Thing. It has been a busy but fun time, and I’ll try and throw up some of the interesting things I have been reading this month – later this evening, perhaps.

Here in Trinity College, the academic year formally ended today (12th July), so my research assistantship (on the Review of the College Statutes; sorry, non-Trinity readers, this is internal access only) has occupied quite some time (and a lot of goggleeyed computer time at that, meaning that even reading feeds – never mind writing – has stretched my patience at times). I have had the honour to be helping out with a forthcoming Canadian law book (will post about that in the future, not appropriate to do so now), although my (small) contribution is drawing towards a close. And of course, it’s just a few days to the start of the Summer Doctoral Programme that I’ll be attending … the reading list and schedule arrived this week, equal parts exciting and terrifying. I had been doing some work on the promised review of Charles Acland’s collection on residual media, but writing it up has been deferred until after Harvard. And tomorrow, I have my PhD transfer viva (not as scary as it sounds – it’s the formal move from M.Litt to PhD).

It has hardly stopped raining in Ireland this month (and yes, it is indeed July), although I did take a little bit of time to travel down the coast to Wexford by steam train (a rare trip, as you can imagine). Much of the route I know, it being the link between Dublin and my ‘home village’ in Wicklow, and the trip to the south-east still deserves its label of the most scenic railway journey in Ireland (despite the fact that about 3/4 of it is single-track, which means that it’s not the busiest line in the world by any means!). Other than that, it hasn’t really been ‘summer’ at all…


3 thoughts on “Súil ar Iúil

  1. and then there is the simple matter of an election cough…(says she back from 3 days in amsterdam cooking and chatting with friends and trying to forget about it…)

  2. Welcome back. – 10 days. A virtual lifetime. We wondered if you had gone on vacation!?

    Nice to hear you’ve been letting off some steam, albeit on a train. You’re right, I live down that direction too, its a great place to live. The Garden of Ireland, and all that.

    It is really quite damp here at the moment. Seasonal affective Disorder – SAD, will no doubt become a more prevalent Irish illness in the coming months.

    …its bed weather!

    I guess we’ll have to wait until the repeat college exams start in order to avail of some decent weather.

    I like the reference to ‘home village’ is Ireland not your home village?

    You should try not to ‘throw up’ over the weekend, its not really good for you! If you really have to though make sure you have some fun in the process!


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