Top of the feeds

One interesting thing that Google Reader gives you is a table of the posts-per-day from the feeds you subscribe. Here’s mine from the last month (as far down as .5 per day). How does Peter Black get the time? He is miles in front, and of the others in the top ten, many are aggregators or have multiple authors. (Lex Ferenda is in a comfortable mid-table position at 2.1 per day).

(Yes I know it’s quality not quantity. This is just a bit of fun).

1. Freedom To Differ 8.0
2. The Caucus 5.3
3. Guardian Unlimited: Arts blog – books 4.6
4. Slashdot: Your Rights Online 4.6
5. Memex 1.1 4.2
6. Guardian Unlimited: Technology blog 4.0
7. Greenslade 3.9
8. Damien Mulley 2.8
9. Too many topics, too little time. 2.8
10. …My heart’s in Accra 2.6
Slaw 2.6
Quillblog 2.5
Michael Geist’s Blog 2.3
The Chronicle: Daily News Blog – article 2.0
Blogzilla 1.6
Michele Neylon :: Pensieri 1.3
The Globe and Mail – Globe on Baseball 1.2
Tom Raftery’s I.T. views 1.2 1.0
Toronto Blue Jays News 0.9
Peace, order and good government, eh? 0.8 0.8
The Court 0.7
TechnoLlama 0.7
GUBU 0.7 0.7
CityofLadies 0.6
Arse End Of Ireland 0.6
if:book 0.6
Rachel in Toronto 0.6
Joris van Hoboken 0.5
Unit Structures 0.5
Maman Poulet 0.5
Susan Crawford blog 0.5
Holy Shmoly! 0.5
Citizen Media Law Project – 0.5
Eoin Purcell’s Blog 0.5


4 thoughts on “Top of the feeds

  1. 2.8 eh? I must try and get it to 3. My ethic is fluffy links every weekday and then something that uses the brain a bit more goes out in the afternoon. If other less planned stuff pops up, on the blog it goes.

  2. Eoin, you have a full-time job, no? That’s a good enough excuse!

    Damien, all you’d have to do is split your fluffy links into two separate posts based on utterly spurious criteria (‘Fluffy links with less than five words in the title’ and ‘Fluffly links with five or more words in the title’). Then, hey presto, up you go.

    Next time, I’m going to do the list complete with links, so that the various authors will get the pings and can check out their posting rates! Was just feeling too lazy to do it this time.

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