Dear Paul Birch (and anyone else who has ideas),

I have been reading this page (boingboinged to my attention today).

The page is part of Andrew Dubber’s blog, hosted and paid for privately; Dubber, though, also lectures at the University of Central England.

You, a manager of a record label called Revolver Records and IFPI and BPI board member, say: “Looking at your site I do think allowing indiscriminate criticism of the RIAA is inappropriate for a Government funded institution”; “You might argue that your professional blog is your opinion alone, however you are interwoven into the views and policy of the University of Central England” and “It expresses opinion, it’s not factual. If you persist then I shall make a formal complaint to the University.”

My blog, which you’re reading right now, contains Strong Opinions. Lots of them. I am employed by Trinity College Dublin as a research assistant (working on a separate topic to my thesis). I write this blog in my spare time and I pay for the hosting myself.

However, you seem to believe that employment by a university makes me ‘interwoven’, whatever that means. Therefore, for you, and for everyone else who has such a daft view of a university responsibility for its employees (even aside from academic freedom, and not to mention freedom of expression), you can send your complaints about the contents of this blog to the Staff Office, House 4, Trinity College, Dublin 2. Telephone: +353 1 896 1678 / Email: . I’ll even supply my personnel number on request.

Off you go now. Mind the buses.