I have never met Susan Crawford (wiki | blog). I am a fan of her writing and read her blog entries carefully. I even cited her ideas on the project of communications law in my most recent paper.

TubesSo what’s the problem? Well, it seems that lately, all I have to do is write down an open question on a piece of paper (sometimes based on whatever I’m working on at the time, as opposed to news sources) – and Prof. Crawford rides to the rescue with a blog post. I was thinking about postal subsidies and their role as gatekeeper/facilitator/whatever. What do I see in my feeds this morning? A post about current controversies in postal subsidies, linked back to the role of the US Postal Service as a public resource. I was lost as to why I should think about ‘broadband’ as an Internet law issue (trying to seperate out ‘broadband’ and ‘net neutrality’ issues is proving to be a mess), and she provides a five-part series on What Is Broadband Good For?.

Will this keep working all the way to the end of my thesis?