Old hands

A sort of manifesto from Ben Myers at the Guardian, praising the joy of secondhand book shops. (Sadly, it took less than 90 minutes for someone to pop up and claim that writers are being ‘screwed’ by secondhand shops, as ‘they get nothing’. Oh how the publishers and the agents would love to get their thirty pieces of silver).

On the end of Greene’s (see here), Ruth (rightly) wonders why there wasn’t more of a fuss. The island of writers? Please.


One thought on “Old hands

  1. Perhaps there wasn’t much of a fuss because Greene’s, although it certainly stocked some intriguingly baroque stuff, was as much of a rip off as the rest of the Irish second hand book shop ‘industry’. How easy it is to forget that in the UK or US, paying €10 for a second hand paperback is unheard of. Sadly the SU book shop in Trinity is no exception.

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