Watchdog watch this

Election 2007: Watchdog probes text canvassing
Thursday, 24 May 2007 17:45
A number of candidates in today’s General Election have been sending out mobile phone texts urging people to vote for them.

Many of the recipients were not happy to be contacted in such a way.

The Data watchdog has said it has had a number of calls about text canvassing.

Interesting story, but terrible writing. Where is getting its writers from? (This is the entire story, by the way).

Would love to meet the ‘Data watchdog’ some day, too. Perhaps he knows the Data Protection Commissioner.


2 thoughts on “Watchdog watch this

  1. In a related issue… Shame TCDSU Electoral Commission don’t believe text messages are an invalid way of canvassing for votes…

    I can see the ‘Data watchdog’ being a (neutered) Rottweiler sitting in an IT data centre looking at all the lights flashing on the servers…

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