This added up to about seven kilos, nearly pushing me into excess baggage territory again…

Half-price review copies of Canadiana/Canadian politics published within the last couple of weeks (an absolute steal!):

  • Roy MacGregor, Canadians
  • Andrew Cohen, The Unfinished Canadian


  • Jamey Heath, Dead Centre (NDP insider on Canadian politics – not published here)
  • Greg Palast, Armed Madhouse (just getting around to picking up the paperback edition. I have a (wait for it) signed copy of his first book, from when he spoke in TCD).


  • Lawrence Lessig, Code v 2.0 (replacing PDF)
  • Graham Fraser, Sorry, I Don’t Speak French (out last year in Canada, now in PB and Fraser has since become Official Languages Commissioner!)
  • Wayne Skene, Fade To Black: A Requiem for the CBC (out of print, early 90s, ex-library copy).
  • Carpenter & McLuhan, Explorations in Communication (early 50s, extremely out of print, so delighted to find).

Harold Innis:

  • Empire and Communications (new paperback edition, meaning that this book is finally back in print)
  • Marginal Man (Watson’s lengthy biography, just out in paperback from U of T press)

Brief histories:

Spotted these in a bargain bin for great value: A Brief History Of The Future (nothing to do with John Naughton’s book!) and A Brief History of Globalization.