Still piled high and deep

Advice for all students facing into oral defences: What Not To Say.

In other news, the organisers of next month’s conference at Osgoode (last mentioned here) have just posted my paper on the conference website (Get it here, get the schedule and other papers here). This paper forms part of the supporting materials for my application to transfer to the PhD register – which is a nice landmark on the journey to a Fid. As I mentioned yesterday, the other bit is a report on what I’ve done so far. That’s finished now; great fun to write!


3 thoughts on “Still piled high and deep

  1. Very helpful advice although I’m discouraged that interpretative dance is not acceptable for my FYP report. Oh well

    You going to publish that report? I’m sure some of us would love to know what you *actually* did when swanning off all over the world…

  2. Nice paper.

    I have some comments:

    1. It might be useful to try and arrange a meeting or PhD interview with Dr Herbert Ungerer from the EU Commissions DG Info Soc Digital Media Unit. I have met the man annually for the past few years and he’s brilliant. I think he would be useful for your research. Martin Cave and Robert Baldwin from the LSE are also worth chatting to if you can plug them.

    2. Take care that you don’t rely too heavily on American Jurispridence and regulatory concepts when reviewing the Broadcast, Communications and eCommerce directives.

    Reason: You could dilute your thesis or paper by selecting a US based thesis that is (sic) watery. The ‘net neutrality’ aspect of the political environment is still under discussion. I believe myself that the ’06 Framework review will only give partial ‘NN’ type outputs. My own view is that until the networks in the EU are migrated to Next Gen and higher capacity we wont see movement on this. See publications or case notes.

    3. The thrust of the Law and Economics Schools of Law may or may not have done violence to what sould be open markets for development.

    4. Some of the works of Michael Jensen, Modigliani and Miller might be also useful for you to look at, the works are to be found on SSRN. Jense is farily good on Monopoly and also the Internet.

    A friend of mine (now with Google) wrote a paper called “A horizontal leap forward” Codifying the Internet layers. here

    I think you might read this, the research is good and I was privileged to assist Rick with proof reading it. The author is a ‘mover and shaker’ on the global Internet and communications law front.

    So, some different angles for you.

    Best of luck with the paper.

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