I’m writing up a report on what I’ve done in the great PhD adventure so far (part of the paperwork relating to transferring from the Masters to the PhD register). One of the highlights of last year was the excellent GikII workshop (info here, mentioned in passing on this blog at times) organised by Lilian Edwards (ably assisted by Andres Guadamuz, who was running the Computer Law conference taking place the same week). GikII (geek law) covers everything from sci-fi law to robot regulation and more. Lilian now has a post drawing our attention to the follow-up (full details):

19th September 2007

If you have a paper burning for the oxygen of publicity on any aspect of law AND technology, science, geek culture, blogs, popular culture, wikis, science fiction or fantasy, computer games, digital culture, gender on-line, MMORPGS, virtual property or online human personae, then come to GikII 2: All Your Bases Still Belong To Us!

Mark your diaries now! I hope to put something in this year – didn’t have the confidence for it last year, but I enjoyed the other paper thoroughly. (One of the organisers commented that I spent most of the time looking on in wonder, the silly grin growing with in line with the stranger papers!) Anyone going?