This lovely article in today’s Observer discusses the phenomenon of music in libraries (in the UK).

Three observations.

  1. Doing cool, cultural stuff in libraries is fairly commonplace in other countries.
  2. The first of the two projects mentioned here – where a music librarian is the brains behind it – is great. “Music is a really thrilling cultural medium and I wanted the music library to reflect that”. Agreed.
  3. The other is less so. Says the guy from the band, “Libraries sound great. All those books soak up the echoes, which really suits our sound”. Hrm. That sounds too like those people who buy lots of old books (on random topics) so that they can have a book-lined study, and it’s cheaper than art. And we know what they deserve, right kids? To be hung by their ankles and beaten with hardbacks about the head? Yes.

Anyway, the point is that there’s no problem in ‘shattering the silence’, as long as there are cultural (rather than crap-band-promotional) reasons for it. So play on, with moderation.