What would you change?

A few weeks ago, I put out a call, under the heading of Internet-related Legal and Policy Issues in Ireland. I’m looking for people (bloggers or non-bloggers, lawyers or (especially) non-lawyers, techies or non-techies) to write a few words (or produce a presentation, podcast, whatever!) on a particular proposal for law reform that you’d like to see in Ireland (and this can include EU law, where appropriate). Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy and badly organised to follow up on it properly. So here we go again…

A few people emailed or messaged me about it, and Eoin has now written the first contribution:

Will you join this list? Just email me (macsithd at tcd dot ie), link to this post, or leave a comment. This is inspired by Lessig’s six proposals-in-progress; if it goes well, I’ll set up a separate blog/site to publish and discuss the proposals.


3 thoughts on “What would you change?

  1. Not sure I have the time to contribute personally (though I will try!), but I deeply support what you’re doing.

    My own personal dream change would be in the area of liable and slander, which are so farcical as to cripple personal criticism in the main stream Irish media. The ‘chilling effects’ of this unbalance in Irish law extend to culture, leading to a lack of anything approaching effective satire in our print, radio and television media; with the antiquely gentile criticisms Scrap Saturday, and Bull Island representing the feeble heights of permitted dissent; and to politics. Which of the many underhand deals since evidenced by the tribunals, but long a matter of public knowledge, could have been reduced or prevented had the law favored freedom of speech?

    This is of particular importance to me as a quote unquote humorist, having been warned by legal professionals of the dire potential consequences of podcasting (http://www.tuppenceworth.ie/blog/index.php/2006/01/06/technolotics/). I choose to ignore such dangers, but I, and others engaged in the creation of citizen journalism or other ‘user created content’, should not require hypothetical enormous insurance policies to protect against the fury of the powerful.

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