Changing media? Change the record!

Corante has blow-by-blow accounts over here of the fascinating-looking Changing Media Summit organised by the Guardian. No, there’s no streaming audio or YouTube uploads or speeches or anything, what did you expect? (Update: the whole thing was recorded, and future publication is promised)

Jemima Kiss on Roy Greenslade’s blog leads off with a chirpy:

This is officially the hottest media ticket in town today: the second (and sold out) Guardian Changing Media Summit

What she means of course is:

If you can afford the ‘discount’ rate for NGOs, charities, academic institutions and trade unions of a whopping £346 per person (for a one-day conference!), this is officially the hottest media ticket in town today: the second (and sold out; the highest rate, if you’re unfortunate enough to work for a company, is £699) Guardian Changing Media Summit

“Democratising content” and all the great talk about empowering the citizen journalist and the ‘user’ is fine and good, but if you’re going to charge a minimum of nearly €500 to get in the door (and put none of the content online), how seriously can I treat it?


2 thoughts on “Changing media? Change the record!

  1. I attended the conference yesterday and the proceedings were recorded (visually and on audio) and the Guardian rep said the material would be made available online (just not broadcast simultaneously)

  2. Annette, thanks for that – I’ve edited the original post accordingly. And I look forward to seeing the online material. For the record, I don’t object to all expensive conferences – I just think that if you are running an event that is priced more like a networking seminar than come-one-come-all, the results and the level of debate will vary accordingly….

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