Finally, the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” (Morse v Frederick) case has its ultimate day in court – oral argument at the US Supreme Court. This was one of my favourite free speech cases of 2006 (at the level of the Court of Appeal: opinion here), and the questions presented to the Supreme Court are broad ones relating to students and speech. Mr. Frederick (a school student) tried to take advantage of some passing television cameras (in town for a Winter Olympics torch relay; students had some time off in celebration/recognition/whatever) to display a banner with those words as the parade went by. (It’s no Fuck The Draft, but it’s still a good one).

In the most teenage terms, the school principal (like) totally freaked out. Crumples up the banner, suspends him, etc. He goes through the various procedures, and then eventually heads off to court. Stage one, she wins. Stage two, he does. Stage three happens next week. Cornell’s Legal Information project has a detailed preview, setting out the case history and the legal issues at stake.

Watch this space.