Maybe it’s becoming true..because of Internet.

Jeremy Hunsinger comes across this great Canadian news report on “Internet”, suggesting that it (the video) would be useful in teaching. He’s absolutely right, but it also is a useful ‘dramatisation’ for my own purposes, in a way, of what is described in Internet-history books.

It’s a great thing to watch; it dates from October 1993 and the presenter, Peter Mansbridge, still presents the CBC evening news. (The reporter, Bill Cameron, passed away in 2005). Of course, there are various technological holes that I (or anyone) could poke, but their existence is useful too.

Video covers:

  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Discussion of discussion (Usenet, basically)
  • Emoticons
  • Circumvention of publication bans (oh, the more things change…)
  • Sending out a question and getting lots of answers (“What does Internet mean to you?”
  • Upcoming Congressional hearings (in the US, not Canada: “borders still count for something”…)

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