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Prof. Susan Drummond is the key player here; she took on the might of Rogers and won. (Drummond was my comparative law prof at Osgoode and she is frighteningly intelligent and interesting; her legendary status is confirmed by this affair!) Rogers is a major Canadian media corporation, owning a series of radio stations, cable networks, a mobile phone service, the Blue Jays and the place formerly known as the Skydome, and more. This story concerns the mobile phone service.

Drummond’s phone account was misused by evil parties unknown, leading to a sky-high bill of over $12,000. She challenged it and Rogers did all the things that responsible companies shouldn’t do, culminating in a Small Claims Court hearing where Drummond (without any courtroom experience) faced off against a battery of overpaid Bay Street lawyers…and won! I’m thrilled to see that she is writing a book about the experience. I’ve left out lots of the story, but as well as these articles (1 | 2) from the Toronto Star will tell you more.