What could bring these three strange places together in one post?

  1. Bernie Goldbach (blog) has taken the first (public) steps towards what will be ‘Educamp Ireland‘ in Thurles (County Tipperary), based on the BarCamp concept (don’t forget the Dublin event). To sweeten the deal, he offers free curry chips for anyone wearing a Tipperary (GAA) strip; I find myself wondering whether my similarly-coloured Wicklow jersey will do the trick? The purpose of the event (provisionally scheduled for 7th June) is to bring together a wide range of people who are interested in IT and (primary and post-primary) education. Read more at the wiki and sign up to attend, volunteer or present.
  2. Abstracts for the Bileta Annual Conference 2007 have been made available. The BILETA conference is an unusual event, mixing talks on technology law (i.e. Internet regulation), legal technology (i.e. case databases) and even e-learning in legal education (including podcasting and legal teaching (PDF)).  I’m also quite intrigued by this abstract by Patrick Quirk on themes of cyberlaw courses (including the ‘PacMan Problem’ where other courses ‘eat up’ cyberlaw themes).  Unfortunately I can’t attend Bileta this year – maybe next year (although it’s on the expensive side, even if I’d been able to get across to Hatfield (University of Hertfordshire)).
  3. Open University professor of educational technology and decent blogger Martin Weller marks his 100th blog post, with some observations on how he has engaged with the format.  For what it’s worth, his presentation on ‘Web 2.0 and Higher Education‘ is excellent.  (Noted by John).  Prof. Weller lives in Cardiff.