This is another housekeeping post.

1. Apologies to some Internet Explorer users (there aren’t that many of you) who have been greeted in recent days by a big white space. This is not a John Cage tribute (encouraging you to reflect on the dust on your computer screen), but a result of trying to be clever and putting Javascript in the left sidebar (which pulled in my bookmarks). I’ve disabled the delicious, but you can still access the bookmarks here and through the right sidebar link. I’ll add it back in when I have tested a reliable non-Javascript version.

2. I wrote about Grainne McElroy’s dispute with a Belfast bookseller on January X. She has contacted me and filled in quite a few details that the Irish Times left out in its coverage; her response is published here.

3. The post on Prof. Gavin Phillipson’s talk on privacy led to a mini-spike in traffic. I’m happy to report that it was an interesting talk, and that I’ll post my notes in the near future.

4. Seriously, how many people want to know the many ways to travel from Dublin to London? The page that went live just before Christmas has really captured the attention of a lot of Google-searchers. A lot of ferry-related searches, in fact (I guess that option is not dead yet!) Anyway, I’ll be updating it this week, but please contact me if you have any suggestions based on your own travel experiences.

5. A lot more people are reading Lex Ferenda than before. Welcome, and please comment! In the last month, this blog had 1,500 hits a day and around 5,000 actual visits (excluding robots, etc) during the month. Which is very low in blogging terms, but a lot more than before. Anyway, you’re most welcome.

6. And of course, the popular searches-clickthroughs!

Honourable mention for the people that searched for ‘adult porn photos’ and got my post about HDtv and the adult film industry. Sorry, guys. And for the searches for “a bell is not a bell if it doesnt ring”, “right to freedom of expression jade goody”, and “scholarly journals of modernisation in nursing”. I hope you found what you were looking for.

And the most linked-to post was Data Protection Day.

7. Happy St. Brigid’s Day!