Well, not really. But I am joining the carnival. Blawg Review is a popular weekly round-up of what’s hot in the law blogosphere:

Each weekly issue of Blawg Review is made up of article submissions selected from the best recent law blog posts. The blogger that puts together the Blawg Review carnival each week is called the “host”. You can find the weblogs of our future hosts linked in the sidebar on the right, along with links to all the previous presentations.

From the far side of the world, Peter Black included Lex Ferenda when he took to the blawgstage back in November. Now I’m happy to say that Lex Ferenda will play host to the review. But hold the popcorn – not until October 1st. Thanks to the good people at Blawgreview.com for bringing me on board; apparently I’ll be the first Irish host. And for everyone else, keep reading the weekly reviews.