The Irish For Rights: Welcome

Continuing with the local news bulletin, my supervisor Dr. Eoin O’Dell has opened the gates to Cearta (the Irish word for ‘rights’, hence the subtitle to his blog and the title of this post). Note the traditional welcome here. He has been shadow-blogging for a bit and has built up quite some archives already (covering everything from reports on legal conferences to discussions on Irish television). I’ve played a small (techie) role in getting it up and running (or not, in some cases), and am now looking forward to having my thesis examined through a series of interlinked blog posts. Seriously, though, there’s some great reading in there already, and having supervisors and students sharing the blogspace has got to be a good idea – it’s a popular one in places like Stanford, where their aggregator happily throws all of it at you in one glorious and fascinating lump.

I wonder if other bloggers out there with current Trinity College affiliations would be interested in an aggregator/blogring/feed/something? Email me or leave a comment if this sounds like something you’d like to get involved in…


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