Prof. Gavin Phillipson, Privacy Law, 30th January

Dubliners with an interest in privacy and/or human rights law, or related topics, should take note of next Tuesday (January 30th) as an important date for your various diaries. The first evening-stream Dublin Legal Workshop of the academic year here in TCD brings the visit of Gavin Phillipson – originally of Durham, but recently the subject of a close-season transfer to King’s in London, and then a return to Durham just this month. He’s a former solicitor, lectures in human rights, torts and public law, and is a noted author (especially in the area of privacy law). His new book (co-authored with Helen Fenwick), Media Freedom Under The Human Rights Act, is one of the titles that I am looking forward to reading this year (when I get a few extra days in the week to catch up…). I should note, as an aside, that I have had the pleasure of proofreading a chapter that Phillipson and Fenwick have contributed to a forthcoming book on freedom of expression.

“The English Privacy Emperor is Not Wearing Strasbourg’s Clothes” is the title of the talk, which kicks off at 6pm in the Law School – that’s in House 39 in Trinity College.

Bí ann nó bí id’ chearnóg.


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