I’m looking forward to attending the annual Videoforum conference/exhibition in London next month. They’ve been making information available bit-by-bit; today’s inbox brings news of a handy list of seminars and presentations. While some are obviously more geared towards production executives with substantial cheques in their pockets, there is a very interesting stream of events on IPTV, practitioner presentations on religious broadcasting, and a few other interesting trends (like the continued worries about ‘tapeless TV’ – seems to be the new ‘paperless office!).

Due to my various and exciting commitments in Dublin, I’m only going to be there for a day, so I won’t get to all the sessions. Given that there’s also a huge exhibition area (not to mention free Wifi, it’s really a case of trying to get as many bright ideas and inspirations for future research, as well as the always-important task of talking with interesting people and asking them hard questions.