BarCamp is a loosely connected international series of technology ‘unconferences’ (and nothing to do with bars of the alcoholic nature, although they are not forbidden!). The first Irish event took place in Cork last year, and the second was yesterday, in the small city of Waterford. Unfortunately, instead of listening to a series of great speakers talk about topics like podcasting and Internet economics, I found myself in front of library books and my computer trying to write about … well, podcasting and Internet economics and other stuff, attempting to work towards my application for this summer programme.

In hindsight, it probably would have been better just to go to Waterford and soak up/share with/participate in the knowledge there! Luckily, I can rely upon the various bloggers who were there: this seems to be the first detailed report, and I’m sure much more (including audio) will follow.

Update: presentations will be available from the BarCampSouthEast wiki – some reports are up there already.

I wonder if anyone has ever organised an unconference for (nontechie) legal scholars?


3 thoughts on “Un-unconferenced

  1. It really was a good day out, nice informal atmosphere, everyone most willing to answer questions. Had to miss the last two of the day but overall I was well impressed. If you get a chance to go to the one in May, wherever it takes place, you should get yourself there.

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