Congratulations to Kieren McCarthy, who has gone from being one of the few journalists who understands ICANN well enough to write about it, to:

Kieren McCarthy has been appointed to the role of General Manager, Public Participation. The position reports to the Executive Officer and Vice President Corporate Affairs, Paul Levins. The primary responsibility of this role is to ensure active participation in ICANN processes by Internet stakeholders, including end users. (From ICANN news update)

For what it’s worth, he’s also a former candidate for the ICANN board (as discussed on this blog and elsewhere). Many ICANN-watchers will await his dispatches from the ‘inside’ with great interest…although the real progress will be more subtle; he says that:

I have agreed not to be externally critical of ICANN in return for being in a position to actually fix the problems.

It’s a tough position to be in, but a potentially important decision may have been made by ICANN. Best of luck Kieren.