(UK) communications regulator Ofcom, flooded with complaints regarding racism* on Channel 4’s “Celebrity” Big Brother 7 (no, you don’t need links to the story!), have responded in a most amusing way. Other than the obvious carefully-worded public statements, what is a complaints body to do in such a situation? Well, they have created a special Big Brother Complaints Page (a customised version of the ‘normal’ online complaints form). That said, despite the special message and the BB-specific URL, the form still requires you to fill in the name of the programme. That’s a bit silly. But there’s definitely some potential here, especially if they could co-opt the infamous paperclip from Micro$oft Office.

It looks like you’re a touchy evangelical wanting to get Jerry Springer The Opera sent to hell. Is that so?

Hi! I see that you are writing about Sky. Don’t bother; they don’t listen to us anyway

You are the 76,205th person to complain about Jade Goody. However, C4 assures us that their ratings increase is ten times that, so draw your own conclusions….

Still, fair play to them for putting the prominent notice for BB-complainers on the front page. Others would run or claim ‘overloaded website’.

* apparently it’s not about race, it’s ‘just’ cultural differences. That’s alright, then. Sure.