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Skycon, hosted by Skynet – the computer society at the University of Limerick. I saw a notice for this event today – first time I’d seen it, and there isn’t much on the blog circuit about it so far. This is looking like an excellent conference, with a wide range of local and not-so-local speakers, as well as some fascinating organisational methods (inviting back the founders of the society to talk about their subsequent careers, five-minute ‘lightning talks’ at the end of the day on any topic of your choice!) The email even mentions that Richard Stallman of FSF (and other) fame has confirmed his attendance.

If you blog on a relevant topic (that being Irish techyness or otherwise), please help to promote this event. The participation fee is €40 and Limerick isn’t hard to get to, especially with the 16-departures-a-day new train timetable coming into force next week.

(For those with an interest in computers and law, note also that Simon McGarr and Ciarán O’Riordan are both down to speak).

Finally, lots of fun to be had in Dublin this weekend at the Young Scientist exhibition, including a promised 3D display on ‘what happens to an email’ that was pictured on the Irish Times today. Open Thursday to Saturday. I should be there, for the first time in years; I participated five times in a row (a record in my school that has for some strange reason not been broken since I left!) as a teenager.