From Apple! (format: MOV)

From me – the long-promised guide to Dublin-London travel. Still a little rough around the edges, but it’s getting there. This is my attempt to consolidate various bits of information in my head and gathered from others, about the various ways of travelling between Dublin and London – by train and ferry, by long-distance coach or by air. It includes stuff like how to figure out train connections, what the different airports are like, how the overnight bus works, and so on. Your comments are welcome – it’s not a wiki page for now, but it certainly could become one in time. For now, just use the comments box at the bottom of the page to contribute your own suggestions.

And if you want to do something as a Christmas present for the world around you, how about trying to replace some short-haul flights with surface trips? London to Paris or London to Edinburgh (return) takes as long by air as it does by rail, but the CO2 emissions are up to ten times higher by air. Irish readers know that this is difficult, given the whole on-an-island thing, and carbon offsetting can help, but it’s not the ideal solution. So while flights are necessary and quite enjoyable (sometimes), and often unavoidable, are they always so?

Thus ends the political broadcast. Merry Christmas!

(I’ll still be posting over the next while, it keeps me sane. Or at least less insane).