The much-anticipated new version of Lawrence Lessig‘s Code And Other Laws Of Cyberspace has been published. The revised title is Code Version 2.0 or Codev2. The print version is out in the US (not on this side of the world until after Christmas, apparently) but a full PDF can be downloaded, and a Wiki version is promised (but not yet available). Naturally, it’s licensed under a Creative Commons licence. The author blogs about the new release here.

As many of you with an interest in this area will be aware, Lessig set up a wiki in order to revise the book, and this is still available (although the book reflects further work by Lessig and others after the Wiki phase). I approach this new book with a certain degree of trepidation, as the first edition of Code provides some of the theoretical backdrop to my research. But at first glance it looks interesting, but not a turnaround on anything too troublesome.