Oops! I’m back now.

“Worth reading” of the week. The Gowers Report (PDF) on IP in the UK is finally out. It’s good, but not great. Mick Hucknall wrote a terrible opinion piece on the relationship between copyright and socialism – obviously that well-known doctrine of “from each according to their ability, to each according to the number of record companies they own”. Hucknall’s argument didn’t work, and Gowers failed to recommend extending copyright in sound recordings. Awww.

Other stuff I did. I gave this speech on the Bologna Process and e-learning (and other things!) at the University of Vienna and attended the European University Association’s seminar on doctoral programmes. And reaching back, presentations from the GikII event I attended and blogged a little about in September (but didn’t present at) are now available (thanks, Lilian).

Department of Legal Trivia. The honourable Richard Posner, American circuit court judge, appeared in avatar form in Second Life. A transcript is promised, but here’s a great picture:

New World Notes grab of Judge Posner's Second Life lecture

Antoin (eire.com) wrote about the ability to make small claims online in Ireland. Good news.

More to follow…