Via Maman Poulet (who I haven’t seen in years, and am delighted to see is a much better and more reliable blogger than I) comes good news of a campaign, under the leadership of support network BelongTo and the Equality Authority. “Homophobic Bullying Is Not Acceptable In Our School” is the message; the headline is one of four (one for she, one for he, and the same again in Irish) as follows:


Anyway, it will be interesting to see how many schools put up the poster, and how many object – or worse still, object on ‘moral’ grounds (bullying presumably being better than polluting the impressionable minds of confused youth). And whether the schools that display the poster lose a little of their sillyness over things like Debs events and the general assumption that 100% of their pupils are 100% hetero. But it’s a positive move (when I showed someone the campaign, their response was ‘it will never work in Ireland’, assuming that something like this was obviously a British campaign!), and helped along the way by a launch from Síle de Valera (on the way out the door, but still a Junior Minister!).

(Edited with thanks to tipster, below)