Anita Ramasatry at writes about Abertay Dundee’s degree in Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures. Of course, you wouldn’t know that from the article, which doesn’t mention the degree title. Oops. Anyway, the analysis is brief and focused on US law. And concludes that a hypothetical US course along similar lines wouldn’t be in legal trouble.

I’m actually a little more disturbed by all the promises of monitoring students to make sure no bad guys get in. Bad guys are entitled to an education too, and the fact that they misuse the knowledge is hardly a new thing. I don’t see loyalty tests for chemistry students, despite the obvious bomb-making potential, and it smacks a little of technohysteria. The failures of bad networks and shoddy policing shouldn’t be passed on to university admins to justify them poking around in someone’s background. Outside of the obvious case of courses like nursing and teaching where background checks are commonplace, why should your past hacks affect your future course? Methinks the university doth protest too much.