Ethan Zuckerman brings news of today’s major blog-buzz-story, blocking of some major blogsites by Indian ISPs (or so it seems – blog murmurs can sometimes be misleading, of course!). Apparently a list has been issued by national authorities and ISPs are carrying out the orders. We’ll see where it goes.

ISP blocking is an interesting matter. It of course is riddled with holes. However, for a ‘mainstream’ audience, which is normally the matter of most concern to authorities, it is remarkably efficient. The truism about the Internet interpreting censorship as damage and routing around it has the caveat that many people on the Internet interpret censorship as a threat and route themselves away from it. There is a lot of anger from Indian bloggers who are being assertive and organised in defence of their freedom to write but I am always worried about the echo-chamber of blogging, where it can seem like a resistance is present, but there is a Nixonian silent majority who, at the first sign of difficulty, give up and do something else with their time.