Slashdot with help from the CBC brings news of a much-anticipated decision from a (US) federal court in Colorado. Movie studios and directors went to battle with an unlikely enemy…companies who ‘clean up’ movies by taking out the (censored) and the (deleted) to make them suitable for family audiences. They won.

There’s a few thousand comments on the Internet about this already; about three of which are authored by people who have read the (as-yet-not-online) decision. So I’m going to hold off on proper comment for now. A thought, though, on reading the various websites and news articles on this decision. It is very confusing for free-media-free-speech advocates to talk about this case … it combines the evil power of the movie industry (or the artistic vision of the directors, bad words included) with the silliest of silly family-values types (or the right to remix).

More when the court gets around to updating its website or I get back into Lexis and find it there.