I want to be special.

The US government compiles wonderful ‘Watch Lists’ on intellectual property rights. The informative Canadian IP blog, Now, Why Didn’t I Think Of That?, proclaims that Canada is still listed due to a cocktail of issues, including failure to implement the WIPO “Internet Treaties”. Ireland isn’t listed as a separate ‘problem’ (unlike some other European countries), but the EU is, because of the following relatively trivial point:

The European Union (EU) will remain on the Watch List in 2006 because of concerns over EU rules concerning geographical indications (GIs). For instance, following an adverse ruling by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body in April 2005, the EU published a new regulation concerning GIs on March 31, 2006, and claimed full compliance with the WTO recommendations and rulings. But concerns remain with respect to this new regulation’s impact on the rights of trademark owners, which the United States continues to analyze; the United States looks forward to continued cooperation with the EU on this and other intellectual property matters.

Wonder if they would ever be satisfied?

Full information and naming-and-shaming from the US Trade Representative.