Two interesting things for Dublin-dwellers.

  • The tourist authority, city council and others are putting on DubsDay – free entry to various locations around the city.  The site linked to just there has a list of attractions and how to apply for tickets.  Thanks to Bernia Goldbach‘s blog for the tip-off.
  • One City One Book is a scheme that other cities have successfully implemented in the past (such as San Francisco), and now Dublin wants in.  The book in question is by the wonderful Flann O’Brien, and it’s At Swim-Two-Birds – I haven’t read it, but I’m a fan of other works, in particular the sublime An Béal Bocht.  So the way this works is simple – the promoters (the city library, along with a newspaper and bookseller, in Dublin’s case) encourage an entire city to read the same book, and put on various events, such as reading groups, films, exhibitions etc to tie in.  If you’re not a Dub, you can still join in the fun by reading the book and encouraging others to do so…

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