The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) publishes quite a lot of data online, and after seeing a brief note in one of the Sundays about the Irish figures (sorry, no link), I went hunting on the ABC site to learn more about the sales of copies of UK newspapers in (Ro)Ireland. So this is my result from the March 2006 figures…

News of the World 163,146
The Sun 111,838
The Sunday Times 108,368
Daily Star 100,584
The Daily Mail 82,787
Daily Mirror / Daily Record 75,590
Daily Star – Sunday 61,616
Sunday Mirror 44,420
The People 42,305
The Mail on Sunday 21,672
The Observer 13,139
Racing Post 10,717
Sunday Express 7,706
The Times 4,836
The Guardian 4,357
Financial Times 4,128
Sunday Mail 3,879
Daily Express 3,460
The Daily Telegraph 3,312
The Sunday Telegraph 3,300
Independent on Sunday 2,602
The Independent 2,045
Scotland on Sunday 2

Some interesting conclusions and observations:

  • Two people getting Scotland on Sunday? Where do they find it?
  • Three times as many people buy the Observer on a Sunday as the Guardian during the week. Unusual, given that other papers (e.g. Independent / IoS, Daily Telegraph / Sunday Telegraph) are broadly the same on weekly and Sunday issues.
  • 4,357 Guardian readers. How many of them outside Trinity College? (Incidentally, the Times and Guardian have similar sales figures in Ireland, despite the Times having double the readership of the Guardian in the UK…)
  • Although all copies were discounted, the Mail’s first month in Ireland was very impressive.