From Amnesty International (Irish section):

Every year, throughout the world, more than half a million people are killed by armed violence – that’s one person every minute. Every government around the world is responsible. Their lack of control on the arms trade is fuelling conflict, poverty and human rights abuses – worldwide.

The Control Arms campaign is asking governments to toughen up controls on the arms trade. Our Million Faces petition is collecting photos and self-portraits from around the world to reach our goal of one million faces by June 2006. We will use these faces to send a powerful, global message of support to the world’s governments for an International Arms Trade Treaty.

Be one in a million. Join us today.

Add your face to the Million Faces petition. We urgently need 17,000 faces added to the petition from people in Ireland by 19th May 2006. Help us achieve this target by adding your face.If you blog, consider putting this message, or a version of it, on your own blog. If you have email-tolerant friends, forward the information to them. Add your own face, and look at what else you can do to support this campaign.

(adapted for blogging by Daithí)