So, I have somehow managed to get WordPress set up on my own space, and now have one less excuse to start blogging again. So hello. And thanks to Ross Wynne for the provision of the webspace.

Anyway, a number of housekeeping announcements first. Here is my previous blog, Travels on Route 42 (no longer online), which withered away at the start of last summer. That was a sort of mixed personal/public blog; but this effort is intended to be more public. That is to say, you shouldn’t have to know me or where I live to make sense of it! I intend on using the ‘categories’ function to try and mark out unrelated content anyway, although in my head it’s all related anyway.

As for who I am and what I do…more information will be added in a separate part of the site, but for now, here’s the highlights. I’m a postgraduate research student at Trinity College Dublin (in Ireland), in the early stages of what will become a PhD on media regulation / ‘cyberlaw’. So much of what will be posted here will relate to that topic. I also have a side interest in higher education policy, as a member of the Bologna process committee of ESIB, the European association of students’ unions. Other stuff I’ll be blogging about include politics, music, and other usual suspects. Oh, and I work as a library assistant, so occasional dispatches will be of the bibliographic kind.